10 Good Reasons to Read with a Young Child

When I read a book with my child, s/he:

  1. Sees me as a role model and we become closer.
  2. Becomes more attentive and more responsible.
  3. Learns to ask questions and to wait his turn.
  4. Becomes familiar with her language (sounds, words and sentences).
  5. Learns to make the connection between the spoken word and the written word. She discovers the direction in which to read and write (top/bottom; left/right).
  6. Learns where he is in relation to time (past, present and future) and the story (beginning, middle and end).
  7. Can identify with the character and experience her/his own feelings.
  8. Develops his imagination and memory.
  9. Learns to make choices, to predict the rest of the story and to solve problems.
  10. Discovers the love of reading and is better prepared for school.