Family Literacy Fun

Some Activities To Do

Interactive Communication

  • hold and talk to your baby while feeding
  • walk through a park with your child and talk about what you find
  • start a children’s book club with your neighbours

Songs and Rhymes

  • play a music cassette or CD while you drive your car
  • sing while you dress for playgroup
  • visit a concert or festival to enjoy the music


  • tell your infant what is going on while you cook or visit the doctor
  • listen to a grandparent talk about times when they were growing up
  • phone an aunt or uncle to talk about a trip to the zoo

Drawing and Writing

  • let your baby empty and fill containers during bath time
  • use fingers or toes to play with paint on a mirror
  • cut and paste a thank you card for a gift you got

Sharing Books

  • host a book exchange or buy books at a garage sale
  • fill a scrapbook with pictures of your favourite things
  • read a magazine or newspaper on your own to be reading role model

Phonemic Awareness

  • talk, talk and talk to your baby
  • label magnetic letters as you put them on your fridge
  • match street signs to a map of your town

Literacy Can Be Fun On Your Own or Together